The history of the lupine bean can be traced back to the very beginnings of the Mediterranean diet. The lupin is a legume, member of the Lupinus genus. The flowering plant can reach heights of up to 1.8 metres and bears fruit in the form of a pod which contains the lupin bean.

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The plant itself, much like its close relatives, the pea or the broad bean, is an herbaceous plant that can grow up to 1.7m tall. When in bloom, it has stalks of lovely flowers from which the bean pods emerge. The full growth cycle takes about the same amount of time as human gestation, around 9 months, And, much like other crops such as wheat, it can’t be harvested until the plant has dried.

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Many researchers claim that lupin consumption originated in Egypt.


Others believe that they were introduced via Mesopotamia in the Greco-Roman era.

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The phoenicians transported lupins throughout the mediterranean, making it a presence many different cultures.


The romans used lupin seeds instead of coins as game tokens. That’s where the saying: “lupinus mummus” (a piece of play money) comes from.

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There are also ancient references to lupins in america, where they were known as tarwi, particularly in peru and chile, where they were a dietary staple.