Enjoy the best healthy snack


Going out and meeting with friends, sharing life’s best moments with others—that’s part of our lifestyle. One that invites us to share the joy, accompanied by the time-honoured flavour of Saladitos.
Whether you prefer them for a snack or as an ingredient in one of our recipes, Saladitos are a healthy, flavourful and essentially Mediterranean food. Saladitos are truly part of our way of looking at life and making the best memories, surrounded by friends and family.

A snack a thousand moments to share

For kids and students


SALADITOS are the perfect snack food for kids. They’re fun and flavourful while also healthy and nutritious. The perfect choice for recess and after-school snack time.

Altramuces saladitos para los más jóvenes
Altramuces saladitos para los que se cuidan

For thehealth-conscious


Their high plant-protein content and low calorie profile make SALADITOS the perfect option for anyone who is health-conscious and wants to stay fit. As a delicious and healthy source of energy, they’re perfect before and after sports activity.

For the entire family


At home, at work, at the bar…in a wide array of formats, SALADITOS are the perfect way to snack any time of day.

disfruta saladitos para toda la familia



Discover new and delicious ways to enjoy your favourite lupins. Try some of these easy recipes that will bring all the very best of SALADITOS straight to your table.