SALADITOS are the lupins that have become a part of healthy diets all over the world. Since 1970, quality and innovation have been our benchmark, leading us to become the world’s leading producer of packaged lupin beans, present in over 20 countries.

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A leadingbrand


Our quality and long track record of specialised expertise has led SALADITOS to become the world’s Nº 1 lupin bean brand. Our position as leaders inspires us to work harder every day to continue offering only the best to our customers—the ones who have placed their trust in us for generations and value the way we care for our product.

Saladitos es marca líder
Planta del altramuz saladitos

Committed to protectingthe environment


Our presence on the international market is linked to our strong commitment towards respecting and caring for our surroundings. That’s why we use only production and packaging processes that are respectful of the environment and we optimise our resources so as to achieve a fully circular productive process.