At SALADITOS, we’re lupin experts. For three generations, we’ve devoted ourselves exclusively to growing, preparing and marketing them. The result is unmatchable quality and flavourful personality.

We monitor every step of the process: from choosing the best fields for our beans, all the way to planting and harvesting them. We then select only the best lupins to cook and package ourselves. That’s why we’re know for sure that what reaches your table, shop or bar fully complies with all of our quality standards and time-honoured flavour. SALADITOS is the result of years of experience and expertise, handed down from one generation to the next



We plant the lupin beans ourselves, in our own fields, which allows us to oversee every single step of the growing process and ensure the highest quality bean. Our agronomists supervise everything from soil composition to the use of plant-health treatments and the harvesting process, all to ensure a top-notch product.

Nuestros cultivos de altramuz saladitos
saladitos el sabor de la calidad

saladitos,the taste of quality


You can taste the quality in every bean, not only by its nutritional value but, most of all, by its amazing texture and flavour.

How are SALADITOS differentfrom other lupine beans?


For their appetisingly savoury flavour and crunchy texture. They’re fresh, bright yellow, easy to peel and… you won’t be able to eat just one!

Cómo diferenciar el altramuz saladitos